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List the three marine resources that have the greatest total annual value, including the sources for your data.

These must be commodities that humans consume or use.

Oceans cover a great deal of the earth’s surface. One of the major marine resources is fishing; it is a multi-billion dollar industry that is known to provide food for the people. According to NEOP, an organization that deals with information on the weights and values of US commercial fisheries and multicultural industry, the fishing industries produces gross revenue of $19.3 billion annually. This is from the sale of the seventeen species of fish and other sea animals that can be consumed and are found in the oceans surrounding America. In this case it offers food to the people.

The next thing is that marine resources act as raw materials to be used in very many industries. This can in the pharmaceutical industries where fish oil is used to make emulsions used to cure fever and the common cold. The cooking oil industries also use fish oil as a raw material to make cooking oil. According to the a 2007 report by the World Health Organization (WHO), 23% of all pharmaceutical companies in America have shares in a fishing company where they are able to extract minerals from the fish that is brought to them.

The third resource from the marine is income that is acquired by people from the marine commercial activities. Fishermen make a living out of fishing and selling the fish. Some are employed on a permanent base by a company to be bringing fish to the shore. This means that they are facilitated with the necessary equipments required. This has led to the management of household from the income earned at the employee level. At the national level the income earned is able to increase human and physical capital for the people living around the shores. This is by improvement in the infrastructure and investment into education like training colleges. According to a national statistic on the GDP in 2011, it was found out that marine industries have more than 236,000 employees around the country and pay them a general minimum of $400million dollars annually in terms of salaries, bonuses and any other form of remuneration.


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5 September, 2023

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