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Who Works for Us?

Only a selected number of the most professional writers.

Our recipe is very simple - we don't hire every person who wants to work for us, but offer jobs only to those who pass our tests and the evaluation period. The tests are developed by professors with a long-standing teaching experience and professional editors. This way, we eliminate the possibility of an unskilled person working in our team. Only those who have an impeccable knowledge of English and academic standards get an opportunity to help students with their dissertations.

If the writer passes all the tests successfully, he or she additionally attends special trainings on how to deal with customers' orders.. There, they learn how to follow the client's instructions precisely, how to manage their time and how to choose orders that are the most suitable for them. Their work as well as the evaluation period begin after this course.

Within the next month, they are given custom test assignments of various levels of complexity. This allows them to see what kind of papers they can write the best.

At the end of evaluation, we have a full profile of each writer with a list of his strengths and weaknesses, which allows us to realize how many orders he can successfully cope with. Only those who pass all the stages described above start working on real orders from our customers. This demanding procedure allows us to confidently say that it is only the best experts who work with us.

We've been in business for many years and gathered a splendid team of writers. As of today, we employ about 150 authors who proved that they are dedicated professionals and diligent workers. Our team is complete now, and we stopped searching for writers, since this process is quite time-consuming. The number of people we currently employ is sufficient to serve the needs of every client. We guarantee that our writing team can create dissertations of the highest quality, and we are eager to prove this to you. All you need to do is to place your order and wait for a masterpiece!

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