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For the completion of dissertation there are considerable steps that were planned to synchronize the dissertation anticipating academic requirements and deadline. The present document would discuss dissertation planning and self-care planning that is an important activity undertaken to complete the dissertation. In this document discussion about the projections and estimates for goals and milestones to complete the program is briefed.

Since, the proposal for the research and annotated bibliography of the research has been completed. The outline for the entire dissertation would be made to show the core elements that would be discussed in the dissertation. It would give an abstract idea of the areas that will be covered in the dissertation. The second step would be to take through idea gathering information related to the issues. It will be done through gathering the data, news and other information from different sources. Using the information gained through these sources the relative information will be included to extend introduction. Moreover, different factors influencing the issues of Akamkpa Quarry would be discussed in order to narrow down the topic. The present topic is narrowed down to the management of mining at Akamkpa Quarry. Therefore, different dimension of managerial practices of Akamkpa Quarry are determined. The factors of mining management and administration are selected through reviewing the literature and theory of mining. The influencing factors would be selected keeping in view the objectives of the study. The questions would be modified with regard to the project that would be investigated. To persuade with the study relevant literature would be gathered and reviewed to develop empirical, conceptual and theoretical framework. A manual guide would be drafted so that the full names, links to access source’s pages number would be used so that the information is quickly retrieved before writing up the literature review. Since, the study is based on Akamkpa Quarry, therefore qualitative research approach has been adopted.

Therefore, the other main step will be to find the managers, officials and government officer that have information about Akamkpa Quarry. Since, it’s a natural resources mining area it is important that the issue of Akamkpa Quarry should be discussed through multiple dimension to understand the issues that are being faces to quarry in the area. One of the previous research conducted by Ekpo, Nzegblue & Asuquo (2012) would be used as a base to gain information about the prevailing issues of Akamkpa (Ekpo, Nzegblue, & Asuquo, 2012). However, there would be additional sources that would be added gradually including different news articles that are timely published. The issues of ownership, contracting and other main factors that are leading to mismanagement of quarrying in Akamkpa are thoroughly studies from the news, books and articles. The information gained would be used for developing interview questions and guideline. These questions would be used as a base for the interview asking questions to the research participants.

The sampling would be mainly focused to gather responses from the respondents that are local and international but have experience working in Akamkpa mining areas for more than two or three years. The use of the Creswell’s research method book would be done to assess the appropriate sampling technique that should be utilized in the selection of the research participants. The research participants would be sent notice and asked their consent to participate in the research. The scheduling of the interview would be done according to feasibility and mutual consent between researcher and research participants. The information of the participants would not be disclosed to anyone. Therefore, use of coding using numeric values and alphabets would be done. The responses would be transcript and analyzed through using qualitative analysis technique to draw findings and discussion for this study. The information gained from the interview would be assessing through the theme’s that would be identified from the literature review. The discussion would be formulated on the basis of the gained finding ensure that the interpretation done would be not be biased. The discussion would be done rationally keeping in mind the research questions and hypothesis developed in this study. After the completion of the report writing the formatting of the report would be done in accordance to the academic standards. The report would be proof feed to ensure that it is free from grammatical errors. The consent forms and additional supporting documents would be put together and handed over to the instructor. It may include the written forms, recording tapes or any other.


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19 April, 2023

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