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Discussion and Conclusion

5.1 Distinctive features

The United Kingdom is a major fashion hub across the globe as it has attracted a lot of attention from international students who are willing to be part of the University of Arts London. The streets of London are characterised by shops that are stocked with high-end fashion and which attract a high number of consumers from the UK and internationally. The United Kingdom has gained the reputation of being a leading market for latest fashion trends since the best global designers are present in the nation. The Chinese nationals wishing to pursue fashion are often left discouraged by the fact that a creative education system is given minimal attention in China. This implies that there is lack of environment on creativity with limited education onwards. However, those with the passion for fashion tend to embrace the western polices which lead to them attending the best arts colleges in Europe.

Cultural practices shape the way designers operate their business such that the Chinese who decide to settle in the United Kingdom are drawn by the fact that the British culture appreciates the need for unique identities realised through fashion. Government of China has been keen on restricting progress to dominance on innovativeness as it believes that such measures are the ones that makes it become a global leader in terms of economic progress and power. In addition, China lacks the open minded culture that ought to be receptive to global fashion trends thereby limiting emergence of a strong fashion industry in the nation. However, the middle class is booming in China and is characterized by changes in consumption patterns such that the consumers in the category prefer high end fashion products as opposed to the traditional costumes that reflect the conservative culture in China.

5.2 Cultural Backgrounds

The fashion trends date back to the medieval times when the upper class had the preference for high end clothes to reflect their royal status. This implies that the trend paved ways for modern day fashion culture in UK with consumers adopting the need for designers to satisfy their personal styles and continue coming up with new and better trends. The trends in fashion across London change regular as a result of a higher number of competent designers including the Chinese nationals who after gaining knowledge from the arts universities across the UK decide to set up their businesses in London. The Chinese culture offers little motivation for fashion culture with technological innovation being the corner stone for the Chinese government. This implies that even students who are tempted to pursue fashion careers are disappointed by the fact that it is a laughable course in China and very few people would be willing to be part of such industry. Nevertheless, those with the passion for fashion and the incentives to achieve their goals go the extra mile of finding creative arts colleges in Europe which shape their skills ion the fashion enterprise. However, the rising working population and the fact the young people prefer subscribing to the latest trends is likely to change the face of fashion in China by creating consumption shifts. The booming middle class seem to be interested in seeking uniqueness rather than attention hence prefer purchasing products that are in line with their need to fulfil personal styles. While 40 % of the Chinese designers who achieve education in the UK decide not to go back to China, it is likely that the 60 % cold influence the government to see the value in encouraging their students to engage in arts since it is will be a major employment creator sector in the coming years.

5.3 Emerging Designer Business Models

When everyone thinks of fashion in the UK, they are made to believe that the nation offers the best that one would wish for such that consumers would be more than willing to part with higher amounts of their disposable incomes just to have a taste of the latest trends. The London fashion Week is also a strategic point where fashion designers both local and international are offered the opportunity to showcase their arts to the world. The event attracts some of the most popular celebrities across the world and is held twice in a year. The Chinese from the famous London fashion colleges have the opportunity to prove their uniqueness in the fashion industry unlike back in their country where fashion industry is given minimal attention. The fact that graduates are also give the chance to showcase their work at the Graduate Fashion week offers the opportunity for the Chinese nationals to be scouted by the big labels who are always willing to capture the unique talents and move them to the greatest heights that everyone desires. With the progressive fashion culture, it is with no doubt that United Kingdom will continue attracting a high number of international students to come and be part of the creative society. Focus groups play a role in making designers aware of the needs and expectations of customers. The focus groups identify the fact that it is important to understand the cultural changes in the global community and be able to meet the requirements of consumers in the best way possible.

5.4 Consumer Perspective on the Future of Business

The UK people wear fashion trends that keep with the pace of the modern society. The Chinese culture however, is still based on the traditional costumes that reflect the Chinese civilization. Traditional fashion trends are recognised by law as the elements that represent the history and culture of the Chinese people hence limiting the ability of students wishing to take creative courses to achieve their ambitions while in the China. The fact that Chinese especially those in the urban centres have realised the need for luxury fashion trends means that the future consumption in China will transform and accommodate aspects from the western culture. The 21st century China urbanization is growing on a massive scale which implies that the consumption is likely to reflect the global trends. As the middle income earners population in China grows, more people attach value to taste in fashion trends thereby making the Chinese students to seek for global arts universities that offer them a chance to expand their knowledge on how they would capture the interest of the modern consumers. The rapid pace of the fashion industry in the UK and that fact that the British colleges have produced most of the renown designers give the students confidence that they can learn a lot from their UK counterparts. Setting up own brand in the UK offers greater chances of success in the long run as the strong British culture is still evolving in efforts to change the face of the fashion industry.


The fashion industry is a key sector in the economy just like other industries government could assume to be the best in terms of being revenue earners. With the demand for high end fashion on the rise, it is appropriate that opportunity be given to the millions of young people who would wish to venture into fashion designing. The fact that United Kingdom offers the best environment to improve capabilities of designers through famous arts colleges, fashion weeks and high end fashion shops offer incentives for millions of populations to invest in fashion business. An estimated 40 % of the Chinese creative arts students prefer remaining in UK after their college studies since UK offers a global hub to showcase their unique arts and be able to attract the interest of major labels in the fashion and movie industries. To improve creative arts in China and reduce the number of nationals pursuing fashion interest on the United Kingdom, it is appropriate that the government of China appreciates the role played by the creative sector and give it a chance just like it encourages technological innovations. An environment on creativity needs to be provided and young people encouraged to take an open minded culture that is key to complying with the consumption shifts in China.

5.6 Limitations

The fact that the study is the same university leads to generalization of the data collected. This then limits the possibility of having accurate reflection of the factors that have prompted Chinese nationals to shift their attention to the London colleges of creative arts. The environment could also have altered the findings since the respondents might have responded based on the insights of others. The fact that Robert, Shaoyen and Lulu were personal contacts could cause bias in the results obtained hence the need to avoid such errors in the future.

5.7 Recommendations for future studies

Future studies need to draw attention on the need to understand the reason as to why the Chinese people have held to their culture for a longer period of time. It is also important that methods be designed to influence the Chinese government to take actions that would see the creative arts industry being the same way as other sectors such as those focused on innovations. The future studies need to be focused on analysing the trends in both the UK and China arts colleges to reflect the differences in the creative culture of the two nations.

19 April, 2023

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