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Blogs are important in dissemination of information about something. In essence, a blog enables concerned persons to share out the information they know to others interested persons. Human resource blogs have been in the forefront in educating the public on the issues in the labor market and the expectations at the workplace. In addition, the blogs are essential in outlining the challenges that are likely to be experienced by new workers. These blogs are essential in preparing the workers on the situation that they are likely to face since the bloggers are mainly people in the sector who are experience in the field.

There are many types of blogs in human resource. There are blogs whose aim is to shed light on the tribulations that the workers face at the workplace and the possible solutions to the problems and the way forward. A good example of such a blog is Systematic HR ( the blog explains to the bloggers on how to succeed in human resource development. The blog has various sections that basically explain the various challenges and solutions. example of tittles in the blog are; thinking like a leader where the author explains stories that indicate that for human resource to be productive, leadership skills are essential.

The blog is well organized such that the required information can be seen at a glance. Moreover, the organization of the homepage is attractive and friendly. This makes it easier for people to access the information on the site. The titles basically touch on the thorny issues that are common in the human resources sectors thus making it a vital source of information to laborers and managers.

Since the site is accessible to all, it has information for both the human resource managers and the employees. An example of a link on data security, leadership skills are more of managerial roles rather than employees. Such organization of the blog has made it so important in the human resource sector. Needless to say, offers room where people can interact and learn from each other. Managers and the concerned staff can meet and share information on this blog.

There are other blogs that use case studies in explaining the dos and don’ts in human resource. The case studies show how a certain form or system may have succeeded or failed. The cases are essential in outlining the sources of the weaknesses or strengths. As such, the readers can get a chance to improve on the weakness while building on the positives that show high levels of success. An example of such a blog is All Things Workplace ( where people have a chance to read the cases and identify for themselves the causes and remedies of problems. The site also focuses on the characteristics of a goo human resource department in regard to; initiating change in the human resource and the way forward in ensuring that all workers adapt to changes easily, how to make workers accept the changes and appreciating the leadership skills of managers. In addition, the blog explains how the workers can adapt to these changes without collisions. Sectors like hospitality are prone to changes due to frequent updates like security, meals and accommodation.

Another important blog is HR Daily Advisor ( The blog is mostly concerned on the welfare of workers. As such, the blog posts services that area available to the workers like available jobs in various categories, job descriptions and the challenges likely to be encountered plus the way forward in solving crisis at the workplace through consensus or legal means.

The site is categorical in problems that are common in the human resource sectors such as harassment by poses and other workers. The posts shed light on the various forms of harassments that are present in the human resource sector and how they can be mitigated.

HR Daily Advisor is a site that is well constructed with clear categories to ease searching for information. The topics are laid out in vivid terms so that visiting the site becomes a useful experience. Basic issues that are problematic to many in the human resource are outlined on the left hand side with links where full descriptions can be found. The links include; compensation, harassment, hiring and recruiting, HR management, policies and procedures and also job descriptions among others. Human resource in the hospitality sector can find this blog useful since the issues discussed are so common in the sector. Issues like layoffs during off peak seasons, harassments by immoral clients and bosses and remuneration issues.

The blogs are very similar in the information that they disseminate. First, the blogs are concerned with the general welfare of the human resource sector. This is manifested in the posts that are in the blogs. There are problems that arise daily in the sector and the bloggers tend to address the issues using posts that mainly come from informed people who have experience or have similar issues to deal with. In fact, most blogs are create by people who are experts in the fields of human resource, a good example is the All Things Workplace which was created by Steve Roesler, a professional in HR and thus can offer correction or advice on the posts or queries posted. This is essential in solidifying the trust of the site by sealing the authenticity of the posted information. All the other blogs follow this suite since human resource is a critical issue that is supposed to be addressed with utmost sincerity an expertise.

Secondly, the blogs give space for contributions from other parties. The posts are mostly questions or comments regarding a post or an occurrence. Giving the people on the ground a chance to contribute enhances the quality of information since their information is usually first hand and thus can be trusted. Information regarding harassments and training can be obtained from the persons who have had such experiences. Similarly, the sites are mostly concerned on how to improve the quality of human resource through various advice posts that aim at making the employees more productive. Posts on leadership skills, change and productivity are aimed at making the human resource much better.

In conclusion, it has become a common occurrence that most people are utilizing blogs to acquire basic information. This has eased the flow and access of information which would otherwise be hard to get. Moreover, workers’ rights, which are very critical issues in human resource management, are thoroughly addressed in most blogs since individual workers have little say on such matters. Having a substantive number of people with information can lead to a prompt action from the concerned authorities.

5 September, 2023

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