Political Science Dissertation Topics


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Politics is a very complex subject; it is both an art and a science. Moreover, it is one of the most difficult areas of study. However, some people venture in political science dissertation topics as it is both challenging and relevant. Below are some political science dissertation topics suggestions that may help you out in your study:

  1. Title: “A study of the socio-political implications of exchanging armed troops with allied countries.”
    Exchanging armed troops is purely a political act between allied countries. However, this may have socio-political implications which can extend to affect international relations. The aim of this study is to determine both the domestic and international effects of this political act, including but not limited to: country’s image and reputation, political ties and economic conditions.

  2. Title: “The efficacy of trade and commerce as a mode of settling territorial disputes among East Asian countries.”
    Territorial disputes can easily ignite war; not only among the concerned countries but also among its allies. This is very timely as there are already growing tensions between various East Asian countries staking their territorial claims. This could vastly affect already established territorial delineations. There is a pressing need to find effective ways to help resolve such disputes. Trade and commerce are just a few possible aspects in fostering international peace and unity.

  3. Title: “Political and economic reform: Its possibility in the aftermath of war.”
    After every war there is a recovery period. This is one of the few political science dissertation topics that have a very positive outlook on the aftermath of war. This study looks on the possibility of political and economic reform in the post-war period.

  4. Title: Political transition: The social and economic effects of moving on from one regime to another.”
    Political transition is no joke. It requires a lot of change and reform in the political structure as well as the political approach in sustaining a country after a drastic change in its leadership. This is more potent in some countries which have been under the rule of a single leader for a long time. This political transition can vastly affect both the social and economical approach in the system and affairs already established by the former regime.

  5. Title: “A comprehensive analysis of the risks involved in privatization of government-owned and controlled corporations.”
    The privatization of government-owned and controlled corporations is often inevitable for its survival. In some cases when the government has insufficient funds to sustain an agency, privatization is the only option. While this enhances the participation of the private sector in political affairs, it carries risks that may or may not be detrimental to the development of a country.

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