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Finance is a very broad field. Finding the right topic for your research can prove to be a big challenge. Among the different subtopics, one of the most compelling ones is the field of investment. Some are intrigued with the prospects of potentially using investment as the starting point of their dissertation. If you’re intrigued with it, that really can’t be faulted. But what ideas work best if you do research in this field? Here are some potential ideas for investment dissertation topics that you can use.

1. The mechanics of investment. Investing can be quite a complex system. People are always looking for ways to make the best investment at a particular time or situation. There are so many ways investment systems can differ from each other: interest rates, market value, and costs of maintenance. Taking all these factors into account is one of the most important things you must learn as an investor. Some of the most compelling investment dissertation topics ideas in this field include:

  1. How interest rates can potentially affect value.

  2. Discover if a particular business is actually a good investment avenue.

  3. How the trending of values of the currency can alter both investment rates and market behavior.

2. Investment as analyzed in different levels of finance. Generally speaking, there are 2 levels of financing: macro financing and micro financing. Both approaches are actually being used together, and each of them has become an integral part of both corporate sectors and non-government organizations. Making a study of the effect of each field can prove to be intriguing. Some of the best investment dissertation topics involving this field include:

  1. The development of micro financing and its effect on the investment.

  2. How the banking industry in a given country affects the scale of investments.

  3. The level of awareness of these approaches in a particular country.

3. Investment management. One of the most important tenets of financing is how you actually manage it. Studying the different levels of management can result in a great research topic for dissertation and theses. So what are the best investment dissertation topics in this field? Here are some of them:

  1. Investing in the emerging market of (insert industry here) in (insert name of country here), a security analysis of the investment strategy of (insert company name here).

  2. The effectiveness of certain investment models (such as hedging models) in a given country or industry.

4. Testing of theories.
There are different theories involved in investment. Are they actually applicable in all situations? Or are there certain exceptions cropping out from time to time? Investment dissertation topics revolving around theories such as the portfolio diversification theory can be a great point of study for those looking for one.

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