Graphic Design Dissertation Topics and Ideas


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And of course, we can help with crafting the entire piece to make your life much easier. However, before getting to this stage, we suggest you do your best to come up with a decent graphic design dissertation topic on your own. Read on for bright and relevant ideas that could inspire your creativity!

A Broad Palette of Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

The field of graphic design is not only limited to graphic design itself. It has expanded to an area that includes typography, industrial design, and practically almost all aspects of daily living. A dissertation concerning graphic design should be able to visually captivate and convey the artist’s message while constructing a credible written component about it. While some universities tend to focus on the business side of graphic design, dissertations are considered to be the students’ masterpieces as they are results of their expressions of creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness. Considering the wide array of graphic design dissertation topics, there are certain sub-categories of graphic design that students can focus on in their dissertations:

  • Copywriting

  • Typography

  • Desktop publishing


This is the creation of text for the purpose of advertising, business, marketing, and sharing information and opinions. Copywriters are usually working with formulating taglines, jingles, online ads, catalogs, postcards, and other related media. An example of a dissertation about copywriting would be a comparative study as to whether or not sales have increased with the use of tagline or jingle.

  • The convergence of copywriting and graphic design in websites' development

  • Roles of copywriting and graphic design in the advertising industry in the late 1950s

  • Peculiarities of the visual arrangement of CTA buttons on landing web-pages

  • Impact of visual design trends on copywriting in outdoor advertising

  • the use of fonts and text colors in mobile applications

Desktop publishing

It involves the creation of printed materials using desktop publishing software. It combines aesthetics, typography, and design to create appropriate layouts to be used in conveying information. A review of restaurant menu layouts and how to improve them is a good example of a desktop publishing dissertation.

  • From print publications to online content: the evolution of desktop publishing

  • Peculiarities of designing a graphic novel

  • Cross-blending of design elements between print and the Internet

  • Saul Bass's impact on graphic design in the middle of the XX-th century

  • The visionary role of April Greiman


This is the art of arranging and designing to make the message clearly conveyed while being aesthetically pleasing. This field of graphic design relates to typefaces, width, length, height, type spacing, and the additional details that accompany it. A dissertation dealing with typography would be about how the size and type affect the reception of consumers while buying a certain product.

  • Evolution of typography design in the late 2000s

  • Modern trends in typography design

  • The role of typography design in conveying the message in advertising

  • Peculiarities of using the kinetic text design

  • Manual font design and artistic approach in web typography

Other ideas not mentioned above would be to study the animated outputs using different animations software or to discuss various visual techniques that a webmaster can consider in order to create a visually captivating website or even to expose the multiple fields that a graphic designer can choose from upon graduating.

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics for Your Inspiration

Graphic design thesis projects are usually fairly easy for senior students to complete as they work with an advisor or tutor quite closely. However, if accomplished on a top level, such a project can later be used as a basis for a Master dissertation. That's why you should approach selecting a topic for your senior thesis thoroughly and keep in mind the possibility of developing it into a full-scale research project in the future. Below, you will find the list of graphic design thesis ideas, which could spark your creativity and come up with a unique topic:

  1. The role of typography in increasing web-content readability

  2. The Times New Roman font: from creation to present

  3. Aesthetics vs. function in web design

  4. The influence of digital technology on graphic design

  5. The impact of anime and manga on graphic design in the US

  6. Graphic methods of developing a corporate brand

  7. The trends in a science fiction book cover design in the 2010s

  8. The use of stock photos in web design

  9. Erik Nitsche and his design

  10. The role of color in graphic design

Once the problem of selecting graphic design dissertation topics is solved, the creation of the dissertation itself will require tedious research work and dedication. It has to be creative and able to convey graphic designer’s personal touch through the figures presented or the artist statement, which can be a short biography or an anecdote about how the artist came to creating the presented work.

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