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I strongly believe and suggest, that the productive output of goods and services, in this case, on a world scale, is interdependent with the countries' economy. To be specific the productive output is implied in the notion of economy's wealth. The more prosperous the economy is, the more it produces and exports. The wealth of the countries' economy can be determined by a well-known formula, known as GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The GDP is the measure of the goods and services produced by a country per year. It is usually reported annually.

So, in terms of this assignment, it deals with the quantity of the goods produced, measured in a monetary value. GDP can be stimulated by imposing import tariffs, forcing the country to produce more by itself, resulting in more production. However, it should be noticed that the tariffs should be imposed gradually by the government and tax agencies, as it takes some time for the economy and the companies to get used to the changes.

The quantity of the goods and services produced is stimulated by many factors. One of such factors, that has gained ground as being one of the most significant nowadays, is the globalization. The more consumer awareness is present, the more goods and services they consume. Globalization involves many aspects, one of them being the intercultural advertising (notably by international organizations). Companies' CEOs should consider spending a significant share of their income into creating and maintaining the client's awareness.

Companies can do this by introducing international-focused advertising campaigns. This will not only make the company recognizable, thus bringing more profit, but it also will stimulate the firms to produce more as a measure of increased demand. It is a good idea for the governments not to restrict the advertising in terms of a country, as well as on a world scale.

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I suggest that the governments around the world increase fair competition and make a move towards the open market and less measures restricting the trade. Free economic zones (or free zones) need to be used and implemented in today's trade practice. Free economic zone is an area that has little or no taxes, related to trade and production. That's why companies outsource, in order to produce a good much cheaper. Little or no taxes attracts companies, as the primary aspect of companies' work is making profit. But nevertheless the companies, drawn to the free economic zones in order to make money will soon produce more goods and services, due to the increased demand and more profitable environment. The main growth opportunities today in the service sector lie in the free economic zones [Farole 15].

The WTO (World Trade Organization) should promote the usage of such zones. And it should be promoted not as an opportunity to avoid taxes, but as a stimulus of a company's growth and profits. However many companies do not see such free zones as means to increasing their output, focusing on avoiding taxes, at the same they cannot resist their constant search for benefits, therefore almost any company, using free economic zone will increase its productive output in goods and services.

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5 September, 2023

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