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The global estimate of 66,957,775 of tyres including the projected spare show which countries are responsible in contributing to the number. Through the aid of the ratio per country (based on contribution), it is easy to pinpoint the nations involve and the probable sustainable platforms that could be introduced to a specific country. Sustainable options must be tailored fit to a country to avoid any drastic negative impact on the economical standing of the country. The estimate shows also the demand and supply in each country. These GCC countries (based on the data) require efforts in finding probable alternative in order to decrease the use of raw materials. According to a number of environmental literatures one of the well-known efforts used by the GCC council in order to address environmental issues is to invest n Asphalt rubber. The mentioned material is widely acceptable as a more eco-friendly alternative for the traditional polymer. With the integration of this alternative it is projected that the use of tyres may continuously decrease by 2% each year. In the next five years, it could be forecasted that, through the efforts of the GCC council, the current global estimate of 66, 957 775 will be cut down by 50%.

The global estimate is an indicator of which countries are in need of greater environmental plans as they contribute to the environmental hazards more compared to their other neighbouring nations. There is a strong demand for devulcanization technology that may soon affect the use of tyres in most countries. Saudi Arabia, for example, is tagged as one of the highest consumers of tyres based on the data analysis; this high number is linked to the kind of movements happening in Saudi Arabia. One of which is the continuous building of infrastructures and rural expansion. The high demand of urbanization, therefore, is one of largest matrix for tyre consumption.


The concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a good way to increase not only the environmental awareness of the countries, but also their research efforts for technological breakthroughs. Similar to the concept of similar but different responsibility, each country have their contributions in number of tyre demands, however, due to the difference in economic and social standing, the countries may vary in terms of their accountability to the problem. With the help of EPR, members of the GCC will be able to develop regulations that promote wiser vehicle ownership. These platforms, such as regulating the change of tyres will soon cut down the production of the said material. A 50% decrease in production is good leverage in terms of increasing environmental initiatives. It will greatly contribute to the decrease in Carbon Dioxide emission which is the primary concern globally. There must also be an effort to increase the tire rolling resistance in order to increase its usage to lessen the need to change tires. The materials used in tyre production, on the other hand, must be based on the new standards set by the council.

The concept of EPR will challenge producers to innovate the manner they produce. With additional environmental responsibility, producers will revisit their respective standard operating procedures in order to ensure that they meet the global and environmental standards. At first, there is a requirement for budget adjustment due to the changes in materials used. The baseline year of tyre demands must see a significant drop in the next years to come. If there is no significant decline, then there must be a need to expand the coverage of regulations to ensure that each member nations comply the set of standards practiced.

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27 July, 2023

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