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Why Should You Choose Us?

Because doesn't make empty promises. All the features listed below are based on longstanding experience in the field of academic writing and professionalism of our authors. We guarantee that if you choose to cooperate with us, you will witness all the following benefits on your own:

  • No plagiarism.

    All our papers are checked by 3 most reliable plagiarism detection systems. They can spot not only word-for-word stealing of content but also paraphrased sentences, all due to the multi-layer technology. Thus, their accuracy reaches an unprecedented level. Only papers that contain 0% of plagiarism are delivered to clients. Our writers never resort to copy/paste as they know that even one such occurrence will mean that they will no longer work for us.

  • Top-notch quality of writing.

    Your dissertation will be written in in the appropriate style of English, according to all the norms of the language. Additional proofreading by editors secures that there are no mistakes in the paper, and only then it is delivered to the client.

  • Progressive delivery.

    With our service, you can be 100% sure that your money won't be wasted. You don't have to pay the whole price at once; instead, you can break it into several portions and pay for each part separately and only if you like what you see. More detailed information is available on our Progressive delivery page.

  • Highly qualified writers.

    We have a special offer for writers who want to work with us. They take several tests and are required to show the highest level of expertise. They attend additional trainings to be able to meet all the clients' needs. Only the best candidates remain with us. So this is how we ensure that the level of expertise of our writers has no rivals. You can find more information about their qualifications by visiting Our writers page

  • Meeting the style and format requirements.

    Our writers never underestimate the significance of style and format. Bearing the importance of this aspect in mind, we have employed professional editors who know the requirements of different styles to the dot and always proofread dissertations before delivery.

  • Timely completion of orders.

    We clearly understand how important it is to complete dissertation writing on time. It is the main reason why we always strive to deliver work well before the deadline and often succeed in this, thanks to the professionalism of our authors.

  • 100% confidentiality.

    We will never make either your name or the work you ordered from us known to any third parties. You can also be sure that the dissertation you get will never be resold or published in some online database. For details, please read our Privacy Policy.

  • Following the clients' instructions precisely.

    We clearly understand the significance of the instructions client provides us with and are always ready to revise the writing in case any of the requirements have not been met. All you need to do is to tell us what you want exactly and forget about your troubles.

  • Discounts.

    If the price for your order exceeds $500, you will get instant 5% off, and if it is more than $1000, then a 10% discount is yours.

  • Free revisions.

    As soon as you get your paper, you will have a chance to look through it and decide whether all your instructions were followed or not. In the latter case, you can ask for one of our three free revisions to make the paper perfect.

  • 100% money back guarantee.

    If the client is not satisfied with the delivered product, he qualifies for a refund, according to the company's Money back guarantee. Clients never waste their money in the course of cooperation with Detailed information on this can be viewed here.

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