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MBA Dissertation Topics

When it comes to finding MBA dissertation topics, you need to make your choice wisely. The honest truth here is that it is so important that it can become quite overwhelming for some people. There are those graduate students who would be assigned a topic by their professor or given a set of data to follow. Some people find this easier, whilst there are those who require more freedom when it comes to choosing the topics they want to work on. Did you know that a recently done survey on the subject showed that students have the most difficulty in picking MBA dissertation topics? In [...]

DBA Dissertation Topics

Choose the Best DBA Dissertation Topics DBA dissertation topics can analyze a number of sectors in the industry of business. Students desiring to obtain a doctorate degree in business administration can construct a dissertation about global business situations, small businesses, taxation, or human resources. Since the world of business administration tends to overlap closely with other related fields such as finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, and even psychology, available DBA dissertation topics are numerous. Weighing in the factors of personal interest and resources, the process of the dissertation construction itself is a complex procedure since business administration concepts require computations, feasibility studies, and figures to support [...]