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Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Ideas for Public Relations Dissertation Topics Public Relations and Video Sharing Sites. How videos on YouTube and similar sites can help create a positive public image. Social Media and Public Relations. Case study of how a specific company was able to use Facebook to develop its business. Public Relations in the Chinese Market. How can an American company build a positive image in the highly competitive Chinese market? Online Advertising and Public Relations. Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising such as banner ads in building the public image of a corporation. Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. How to successfully communicate a company’s CSR efforts [...]

Investment Dissertation Topics

Finance is a very broad field. Finding the right topic for your research can prove to be a big challenge. Among the different subtopics, one of the most compelling ones is the field of investment. Some are intrigued with the prospects of potentially using investment as the starting point of their dissertation. If you’re intrigued with it, that really can’t be faulted. But what ideas work best if you do research in this field? Here are some potential ideas for investment dissertation topics that you can use. 1. The mechanics of investment. Investing can be quite a complex system. People are always looking for ways [...]

Sports Dissertation Topics

While some people think that sports is merely about playing games, in many ways it can be viewed as a form of science. Sports and people involved in it can be quite complex and provide some compelling insight for those interested to listen. In fact, students of certain courses can select different fields of sports for their dissertation. What are the best topics for your research? 1. Sports psychology. Some people would say that a person’s mental state is a huge factor of success. In addition, a person’s psychological state can also be analyzed during or after the game. Because of the relative complexity of [...]

Dissertation Topics English Literature

Getting a degree in English can be quite difficult. Among the different sub-fields of the English language, English Literature is one of the most compelling ones to create a topic for. Are you wondering what some potential dissertation topics for English literature are? Here is a list of topics that can be useful for you in the long run. 1. Author-related topics. There are so many authors associated with English literature. It would be quite tedious to name them all here in one article, you just need to get the point. You can make an analysis of different works and try to observe a common [...]

Interior Design Dissertation Topics

Interior design is one of the most intriguing fields of study. Studying the inner architecture of different structures, it analyzes everything from inspirations of construction to the colors that were used. Because of the relative complexity of this field, there is a relative abundance of topics. Are you looking for interior design dissertation topics to complete your interior design degree? Below are some of the most intriguing fields you can focus on. Construction/designing styles. Over the centuries, humans are able to create different means to project interior design. With each passing year, decade, or century, a new trend comes out, and people go crazy about [...]

Communication Dissertation Topics

Finding a topic for a communication dissertation can be quite a tough task if you’re not proficient in writing. This is because you must come up with a great topic to make a research. Moreover, you must create a well-researched thesis. Fortunately, communication dissertation topics are more interesting than you may think. 1. Movies. Film production is one of the most integral parts of media. Other than telling a story and being entertained with it, sometimes they hold a bigger significance in terms of either its deeper message and/or its effect to its viewers. Making a research about how a specific movie (or a group [...]

Psychology Dissertation Proposal

Like all the other dissertations, a psychology dissertation requires a lot of effort, time and resources from the researcher. This is why a strong and clear dissertation proposal should be created to ensure that your study will be approved. Categories of psychology dissertation proposal topics: Educational and Developmental Psychology Abnormal Psychology and Mental Health Social Psychology Counseling and Therapy Consumer and Industrial Psychology Introduction. The psychology dissertation proposal, just like any other dissertation proposal, is structured in different parts or sections. Without these sections, it will be impossible to go on with your research. Introduction is the first part of the psychology dissertation proposal. This [...]

Dissertation Proposal Structure

Writing a dissertation can be a challenging task for most of students and professionals. It needs careful planning, in-depth researching, and can be time-consuming. For students, dissertation is a requirement to pass the course. For professionals, it might be a requirement for higher and continued education. That is the reason why writing a dissertation gives a bit of stress; and real hard work and thorough analyzes should be done to overcome this challenging work. Before writing a dissertation, you have to know what should be included into it. The dissertation proposal structure gives us the parts so that we will know what details are to [...]

Business Dissertation Proposal

Business dissertation is what is required of Business Administrative and Masters of Business Administrative (MBA) students. It is needed to finish and get their study approved within the time of their schooling in order to earn their degree. They will need to spend time and efforts, money and resources to deliver a high-quality thesis worthy of the readers’ time. To have a solid foundation for your study, your business dissertation proposal should be well planned, carefully drafted, organized and focused. This will provide information on the focus of your study. You may have to devote more time to proposal drafting, researches, thinking and asking professionals [...]

MSC Dissertation Proposal

How to Write an MSC Dissertation Proposal Holding a Master of Science degree in just about any course can serve as a gateway to higher forms of learning, as well as a deeper level of knowledge. However, it takes both skill and hard work to get an MSC degree. Each Master’s course has its own unique requirements, but one common prerequisite that these courses have is the completion of a dissertation or thesis. Completing it can be quite a complex process, but it all starts with the making of a proposal. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to make an MSC dissertation [...]

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