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Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Ideas for Public Relations Dissertation Topics

  1. Public Relations and Video Sharing Sites. How videos on YouTube and similar sites can help create a positive public image.
  2. Social Media and Public Relations. Case study of how a specific company was able to use Facebook to develop its business.
  3. Public Relations in the Chinese Market. How can an American company build a positive image in the highly competitive Chinese market?
  4. Online Advertising and Public Relations. Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising such as banner ads in building the public image of a corporation.
  5. Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. How to successfully communicate a company’s CSR efforts without looking as if it is using these to heavily promote itself.
  6. Psychology and Public Relations. Recent developments in psychology and how they affect the practice of public relations.
  7. Metrics, Media Coverage and Public Relations. Developing a system for measuring how public relations efforts on the part of the corporate PR translate or not into media coverage.
  8. Public Relations and Online Videos. How can a company create videos for YouTube and other video sharing sites that have the potential to go viral.
  9. Friending on Facebook and Public Relations. How PR departments can create successful campaigns to get more followers on Facebook.
  10. Ethics and Public Relations. Developing a code of ethics for PR practice in the current media climate.
  11. Higher Education and Public Relations. How to develop a set of standards for graduate courses in public relations.
  12. Diversity in Public Relations. How to promote ethnic diversity in the practice of public relations.
  13. Internal Corporate Public Relations. Building a culture of freer internal communications within a corporation without fear.
  14. Philanthropy and Public Relations. Has the amount of philanthropic gifts towards PR education efforts increased or decreased and how have these affected PR education?
  15. Global Media Public Relations. Examining the ethics of offering payments to media in return for coverage.

Public Relations Dissertation Topics Writing Tips

  • Make sure you develop your dissertation topic such that it is focused only on one issue but looks at it completely from all angles.
  • Do a thorough study of the literature available on your topic so you’ll know what has already been written about it. You’ll be able to avoid duplication and be able to extend the extent of knowledge on the topic.
  • You’ll probably need to do some interviews as part of your research on your dissertation. Make sure you prepare your questions thoroughly beforehand so you won’t waste your time.
  • Prepare a timetable for completing the dissertation since this will help you stay focused, as well as making it easier for you to allocate the time needed to complete each stage.

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