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Psychology Dissertation Topics

Choosing Good Psychology Dissertation Topics

Psychology is a popular field of study that deals with the mind, its processes, functions, and explains how it affects behavior and thinking. This branch of learning not only focuses on the theories about how the mind functions and different manifestations of emotions and personalities, it can also involve the abnormalities associated with the mind, such as mental disorders and possible psychological effects caused by different experiences.

Constructing a dissertation about psychology should involve numerous related studies considering the broad spectrum of psychology dissertation topics associated with it. Certain factors should affect the researcher’s psychology dissertation topic preference such as study of interest, psychological theories and concepts tackled, as well as the manner in which the study will be conducted. Even though the field of psychology is a very broad one, certain organizations and academic institutions have divided it into three sub-categories: academic psychology, professional psychology and popular psychology.

Academic Psychology

A psychology dissertation topic involving academic psychology should focus on the core theories and concepts that a psychology students cover during the duration of their learning. Such dissertation aims to improve, compare or discover new things about existing studies. Examples of psychology dissertation topics under academic psychology are the following:

  • Cognitive psychology – the study of mental processes; involves the acquisition, processing, and storage of information.
  • Abnormal psychology – concerned with the unusual patterns of thinking and behavior; psychopathology and thought disruption.
  • Developmental psychology – involved with the changes in mental functions over the course of a lifetime.
  • Personality psychology – studies the personality of an individual as well as different factors that may affect its change, development and adaptation.

Professional Psychology

Professional psychology is a sub-category that focuses on careers that apply psychology to their fields. You can choose psychology dissertation topics related to professional psychology from a wide range of ideas such as clinical psychology, which is a field concerned with the mental wellness as well as psycho-pathological manifestations including schizophrenia, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, mental retardation and depression. Forensic psychology and counseling psychology can also be chosen as psychology dissertation topics of professional psychology.

Popular Psychology

This sub-category of psychology is defined by the institutions as fields of psychology that are of present interest. These topics can be influenced by physical, social and emotional factors. It can be focused on the mental function and behavior of social classes such as the psychology of workers, students, members of the entertainment industry, military personnel; or it can be the psychology of certain processes such as the psychology of love, sex, stress, fear, and politics. It can also tackle relationships, inter-racial behavior, marriage, religion and other social norms and beliefs.

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