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Photography Dissertation Topics

The rising popularity of photography as a hobby makes it a perfect topic for dissertations. When writing a dissertation about photography, make sure to include the latest technology, tips and tricks that will help your reader appreciate and practice the art better.

  • Photography and Motion – Conduct a study on how photography captures movement and motion. Explore techniques and tricks and discuss how cameras can effectively seize the perfect moment.
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting – Writing in your dissertation about the pros and cons of using natural over artificial lighting and vice versa. Talk about ways to achieve both lightning techniques and how to effectively use them.
  • Digital or Analog Photography – Digital cameras become the norm but there are still a lot of photographers who use the traditional cameras. You can write about how they are different and talk about the quality of photos each type of camera can produce.
  • Artistic Photography – How can a camera be used to enhance visual arts like paintings and modern architecture, also explore how photography is being used for advertising and exhibitions.
  • Science and Photography – Photography can be used to help scientists in data gathering and experimentation. Write about ultra-high definition cameras as a tool of discovering information that is not visible to the naked eye.
  • Colors in Photography – Discover the importance of colors to the art to the subject. Talk about how using and changing colors can change the overall impact of a picture.
  • Photo Editing Tools – Explore the different methods available to photographers to enhance and edit pictures.
  • Cameras and Nature – Travel around without leaving your seat. Explore how the subject enhances the natural beauty and discuss different styles of capturing and editing pictures of our beautiful planet.
  • Photography for Beginners – Create a useful guide for budding picture-takers. Discuss basic techniques and provide useful tips on how to choose the best camera for specific subjects. Also include various resources that may be useful for beginners.
  • Capturing Moments – Talk about techniques and the necessary equipment to capture that perfect shot. Focus on the available equipment and technology.
  • Effects of Digital Photography on the Companies who Manufacture films – Write about the impact of the rising popularity of digital photography on the economy, especially on companies like Kodak, Polaroid and other companies who manufacture films for analog cameras. Also, explain how a decline in the demand for films will affect those who are still using analogs.
  • Successful Photographers – Write about how some of the successful photographers have made it to the top. Talk about their techniques and how they rose to fame. Also, give useful tips for amateur and professional picture-takers on how to become great in this hobby.
  • Photography and Current Events – Write about how this art has become a successful media to convey current events without using words. Show examples how a single photograph was able to capture the whole story.

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