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PhD Dissertation Topics

Great PhD Dissertation Topics to Get that Degree

A dissertation is a requirement for students to obtain a doctoral degree in their field of choice. This is unlike any other research paper since it requires meticulous experimentation, thorough researching and an organized and systematic approach since it is considered as the highest form of research outputs done by students who wish to obtain the highest level of education.

The dissertation begins with the student’s choosing from the many PhD dissertation topics available. Although there are several factors involved in selection process such as financial resources, time constraints, available literature and experts to interview, the main factor that a student must consider is his or her field of interest. A doctoral degree in finance would of course construct a dissertation in finance field, while a doctor of engineering would want to uncover and discuss an engineering topic rather than a biomedical one.

Once you have identified your field of interest, you want to further narrow down the topics that you can choose from. According to research specialists, good PhD dissertation topics should have the following characteristics:

  • The dissertation topic should be fresh and original, aimed at discovering a new perspective about the topic chosen, may it be a disagreement with a stated result, a comparison between different concepts or a new discovery.
  • The dissertation topic should be sufficiently backed up with credible information and theoretical basis since this is presented to a research committee, and the published results could have a subsequent impact on our current pool of knowledge.
  • The dissertation topic should be feasible and focused. A dissertation would be in vain if a student finds out that the interviewees needed are halfway across the globe or if certain tests would cost him/her a lot of money. It is best to limit variables to only to a few and make prior research to determine the feasibility of the study. Aspects such as the methodology, equipment, time and approval of the adviser should be also taken into consideration.

Choosing the most appropriate topic is a crucial step in constructing your dissertation. It will serve as the framework of your research and will be the focus of your whole study. Certain examples of PhD dissertation topics in various fields of specialization are the following:

  1. Engineering – civil engineering, petroleum, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.
  2. Biomedical Sciences – cancer biology, biochemistry, genetics and gene therapy, molecular biology, and clinical chemistry.
  3. Psychology – clinical psychology, forensic psychology, child psychology, cognitive psychology, and abnormal psychology.
  4. Finance – micro-finance, retail banking, risk management, finance of marketing, internet banking, and personal finance.
  5. Health – smoking, nursing, stress, clinical work, and medical school.

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