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IT Dissertation Topics

IT Dissertation Topics Ideas

  1. E-logistics and inventory management. How to use e-logistics to make a company’s stocking management more efficient.
  2. Project management system. How outsourcing project management functions can help a company achieve its organizational goals.
  3. Order management system. Creating IT systems that make filling orders more efficient in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  4. IT and medical records management. How to use IT to access medical records in a more timely fashion while protecting patients’ privacy by restricting access to non-authorized individuals.
  5. Honeypots. How to increase network security against deception attacks by honeypots.
  6. Ad Server. How to tailor ad server algorithms in order to deliver ads that generate the desired response from website visitors.
  7. Computerized payroll. How outsourcing of payroll services can benefit small businesses by cutting costs while improving efficiency.
  8. Proxy server. Using proxy servers to help reduce network traffic and improve client satisfaction by adjusting the response time.
  9. Defect tracking. How to use bug tracking systems to improve the workflow among various departments in a company.
  10. Radio Frequency Identification Tags. How to apply RFID applications to improve security without compromising the privacy of individuals.
  11. Mobile applications. Creating apps that are more responsive to the needs of users by gathering data on the kind of apps they find most useful.
  12. Small business sites. Tailoring full-featured management software to meet the needs of small businesses without compromising the feature set.
  13. Loan management. Developing systems for managing loans for banks and other financial systems that will more efficiently and accurately record payments and send out notices when clients are deficient or when they have fully paid off their obligations.
  14. Hostel management. Creating a system for youth hostels catering primarily to students to help them keep track of the rooms that are occupied and who is occupying them as well as other information, such as if the student is currently out on vacation and not staying in the room.
  15. Lexico Semantic Networks. Using these networks to improve translation of foreign language websites by improving the recognition of association between words.

IT Dissertation Topics Writing Tips

  • Developing an IT dissertation may require more practical work on the computer and this should be carefully documented in the report for use in the defense.
  • You can start working on your sources even before formally starting on your thesis, so that you can start narrowing down the focus of your topic.
  • Schedule your time carefully so you’ll have enough to work on your dissertation while still being able to meet your other personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Work on your dissertation every day, as much as possible, even if only for an hour, in order to maintain your progress.

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