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International Relations Dissertation Topics

Here are some samples of dissertation topics on International Relations. When writing about international relations, discuss world issues in relation to your own country.

  • The North and South Korea connection – Explain the current relationship between the two sovereign states. Tell your readers how the two nations became what they are today and explain how despite their current predicaments, the two countries are trying to avoid major confrontations.
  • International Court of Law – Describe the purpose of the agency and how this organization influences the policies of individual nations. Site examples of how the ICL mediates on international affairs.
  • China and claims on the neighboring territories – Propose a resolution of China’s claim on neighboring and territories. Specify affected territories, the territories being disputed and the agencies that can offer assistance. Also site existing laws and policies on territorial disputes.
  • The United Nations – Describe the purpose of the United Nations, its history and its importance to the whole world. Describe how they operate and include organizations and programs related to the UN.
  • Globalization and Third World Countries – Discuss how globalization can help these economies. Give examples of how countries can adopt policies that will allow globalization without threatening national interests.
  • War in Iraq – Expose the effects of the war on Iraq’s current economy, its people and neighboring countries.
  • Gaza Bombings –Discuss the effects of the Gaza Bombings on the international community. Explain how the conflict between Israel and Gaza started and how the situation can be resolved with the help of mediation.
  • Exchange Rate – In this dissertation, describe how the world’s exchange rates work and explain how economic changes in one nation can affect the currency of another. Also, discuss a possibility of a single currency for the whole globe.
  • Global Recession – Explain how economies are interrelated. Show how a recession of one country can affect the global economy.
  • Import and Exporting Laws – Describe import and export policies. Focus on a specific country in relation to the global market and describe the effectiveness of their laws.
  • Human Trafficking – Discuss how human trafficking is being resolved by the global leaders in relation to laws.
  • Global Crime Syndicates – Write about how crime syndicates can operate in multiple economies and give your reader an idea on how everyone involved is dealing with this threat.
  • Red Cross – Describe the functions and the scope of the Red Cross. Describe their presence worldwide and how they help countries.
  • Natural disasters and the world – Describe how states help each other during times of needs. Also, examine the process needed for aid to arrive from its origin to its target country.
  • Terrorism – describe how nations work together to fight terrorism and the measures they take to ensure that each nation is living in safety.

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