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Interior Design Dissertation Topics

Interior design is one of the most intriguing fields of study. Studying the inner architecture of different structures, it analyzes everything from inspirations of construction to the colors that were used. Because of the relative complexity of this field, there is a relative abundance of topics. Are you looking for interior design dissertation topics to complete your interior design degree? Below are some of the most intriguing fields you can focus on.

  1. Construction/designing styles. Over the centuries, humans are able to create different means to project interior design. With each passing year, decade, or century, a new trend comes out, and people go crazy about it. Somehow, some of these styles can end up being forgotten. But some of them resurface and become relevant once again, as if they’ve never left the scene. Interior design dissertation topics involving this field include: the defining characteristics of some of the most popular contemporary designs, the furniture styling cues during the Victorian era, and how windows set the tone in particular styling in 19th century interior design.
  2. The use of colors. When it comes to designing, interior or otherwise, colors have a strong effect on how we perceive the finished product. How colors are used in particular structure and design can either make or break it, and can accentuate them on the process. As such, they can provide a wealth of dissertation options for those who will try to make a research in this field. Interior design dissertation topics in this field include: the use of warm lights in restaurants and how they affects the perception of food, an analysis of the color palette used in a particular building, and the most effective colors used for bedrooms owned by a particular age group.
  3. Design trends. If there’s one thing about interior design, it is that this field is constantly changing. New ideas get incorporated into the mix, and old ideas either stick around or return in a different form. Having an eye on these trends is the skill any great interior designer should have. There’s a wealth of interior design dissertation topics that both beginners and experts can use. These include such topics:
    • the incorporation of (insert name of architectural style here) windows to modern buildings
    • the trend of using black and white in color templates of modern buildings
    • potential styles that can be relevant in the future

It can be quite tough to look for a dissertation topic in any field. But with the right resources and an eye for detail, you’ll be surprised to find a wealth of interior design dissertation topics waiting to be explored.

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