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HR Dissertation Topics

There are actually many HR dissertation topics that you can consider. Nowadays, there is a growing need for trustworthy and efficient HR personnel in the workplace. As an HR, the employer trusts you with most of the rules and regulations, paycheck, and management of people within the company. Needless to say, an HR office will most likely have to deal with a lot of problems concerning employment issues and employer policies. This is why there are lot of options for you to consider as a topic for your dissertation. Here are some examples of topics that you will most likely encounter in your work as well:

  1. Screening, Training and Development
  2. Organizational Challenges
  3. Appraisal Issues

As an HR officer, you are in charge of training new people in the company. You are also in charge of hiring qualified applicants and assessing and screening them if they have the necessary qualifications to fit for the job that they are applying to. But this is also one of the common problems that HR officers encounter. Some people lie in their resumes to look eligible for the job. This is why you need to develop a strategy on how you can screen applicants better to know if they are really qualified for the job. Training and development of the qualified applicants are also on your hands. But in department, you will also encounter a handful of problems such as the best training strategy to develop the applicants to their best, budgeting for the best training method, and many more.

HR people deal with tons and tons of files each day. This is an organizational problem that you need to solve. You can propose different ways of how to become more organized in your work station so you don’t constantly lose important files. This is one of the best HR dissertation topics to consider as more and more HR people want to start organizing all the files in their office. This enables people in the company to organize their work faster.

Since as an HR officer you deal with paychecks and salaries of employees, getting appraisals is one of the biggest concerns of employees. You need to develop the right strategy on how to assess an employee’s skills and performance at work in order to qualify for an appraisal. Of course, you need to analyze everyone’s achievements so that no one gets left behind. You need to assess them carefully and devising a strategy on how to do this more efficiently is example of good HR dissertation topics to consider.

These are just some of the HR dissertation topics that you might want to consider. These topics are very relevant and can help HR officers to become more organized and valuable for their companies.

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