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Finance Dissertation Topics

The Complex World of Finance Dissertation Topics

Dissertation in finance is one of the most complicated academic tasks, not only because of the wide range of finance dissertation topics to choose from, but because a dissertation in this field should be backed up with credible figures and computations based on your analysis of a certain company, situation or field in finance.

To start constructing your dissertation, a student must first choose a specific field of finance that he or she wants to explore in the paper. Most popular fields include micro-finance, banking finance, risk management, personal finance, accounting finance, retail banking, accounting ethics and privatization. Once the student has chosen his or her topic, he should make an in-depth research to see if the figures are correct and support the findings that the researcher wants to present. In the dissertation, the student should focus on the methodology of the study, its results with associated computations as well as the significance of the findings to the company or business situation.


Micro-finance is a field that deals with the tendering of financial services, such as banking and credit card services, to small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs. This is a popular field of finance since there are many businesses and entrepreneurs that are encompassed by micro-finance. Most of the time, the entrepreneurs and businesses belonging to this field have no access to banks due to the high costs of transactions; therefore, they resort to personal banking and group-based models. Finance dissertation topics involving micro-finance include downsides of micro-finance, effective alternatives to micro-finance, the impact of micro-finance on a growing economy and comparative studies of the micro financial status of two countries.

Risk Management

Almost any business achieves high status because of several risks. However, they first weight out the positives and negatives of these risks before making a decision. This is where risk management comes into action. This field of finance is primarily involved into identification, assessment and quantification of business risks so that the necessary measures to reduce the negative effects are taken. Dissertations in risk management could be the study of the risk involved in upgrading the business’ equipment to the latest technology, the possible effect of purchasing a home in a degrading market, and whether or not you should consider business as a part of mortgage backed security.

Personal Finance

This field of finance involves almost everyone since this deals with the financial decisions that an individual or a family makes such as choosing to save, budget, and spend, as well as the financial risks and financial goal setting. However, as compared to micro-finance and risk management, personal finance involves individuals and not businesses. Finance dissertation topics under personal finance include personal debts and their effects or the importance of student loans and their possible alternatives.

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