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Engineering Dissertation Topics

This is a discipline with many facets. The subjects are concise and exact therefore a dissertation on engineering should be the same. Writing a dissertation on this topic may take a lot of time and effort because of the facts and evidence needed to support the thesis. Here are some easy topics you can choose from depending on your specialization.

Computer Science Engineering Dissertations

  • Design an information system that will address everyday tasks for an organization, focusing on maximizing company resource and enhancing manpower by designing an easy to use system.
  • Suggest a computer system that will integrate social networking to a marketing firms’ information system to keep track of clients and partners alike. Talk about how this will help the company as well.
  • Propose a new concept to reduce the need for redundant technology focusing on streamlining activities through a multi-user environment.
  • Recommend an e-waste management system that can extend the lifetime of a computer system, if possible, or dispose of it in an environmental way. Describe how devices can be properly disposed of and encourage the reader to recycle.
  • Recommend a system for a large company that will incorporate power-saving features, green appliances and other environment-friendly features.

Civil Engineering Dissertations

  • Propose recycled and environment-friendly building supplies that will replace the traditional building supplies used in modern structures.
  • Propose a building design that is made from light-weight yet sturdy materials. Include source, cost and make of proposed materials.
  • Review and redesign a current organizations building with focus on ergonomics and traffic at a low cost.
  • Research on how reinforced steel can replace concrete without sacrificing structural integrity. Research on steel grade and the innate quality of the metals proposed.
  • Research and study on how plastic and other recyclable materials can be used to reinforce building materials for low-cost housing. Also design an e-house made from 100% recycled materials.

Electrical Engineering Dissertations

  • Study the average kW/h usage of common household appliances and design a concept to help reduce electricity consumption.
  • Create an electrical scheme that will deliver clean and safe electricity to a common household with minimum electrical fluctuation and wastage.
  • Write a do-it-yourself guide on converting solar energy to electricity using commercially available solar panels and batteries. Explain fully how the concept works and include computations and other necessary information for a beginner to be able to setup his own solar energy power station.
  • Propose a design of a house that is able to recycle energy and for its inhabitants to live off the grid. Include alternative sources for energy.
  • Create a hybrid appliance that works continuously using two sources. One from regular electricity, the other from sustainable power like solar, wind or water energy.

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