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DBA Dissertation Topics

Choose the Best DBA Dissertation Topics

DBA dissertation topics can analyze a number of sectors in the industry of business. Students desiring to obtain a doctorate degree in business administration can construct a dissertation about global business situations, small businesses, taxation, or human resources.

Since the world of business administration tends to overlap closely with other related fields such as finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, and even psychology, available DBA dissertation topics are numerous. Weighing in the factors of personal interest and resources, the process of the dissertation construction itself is a complex procedure since business administration concepts require computations, feasibility studies, and figures to support the results presented in the research. For easier selection, business administration can be divided into several categories:

  1. Marketing
  2. Human Resources
  3. Accounting and Finance


Marketing focuses more on the creative side of business. In this aspect of business, people work closely with product developers, aiming to set the most appropriate price for the product as well as formulating a strategy to sell the product. For marketing dissertation you can choose to discuss the effects of social media on marketing and how it has changed the way marketing proceeds. If advertising or print media is what you feel like tackling, then customer awareness levels can be measured with regards to the presence of several advertising strategies.

Human Resources

Human resources address the manpower needs of the business, may it be for management purposes, development or marketing. As long as human capital is concerned, human resource specialists are involved. They are the ones responsible for hiring, evaluation, promotion, and discipline of employees within the business. Since human resources deal with individuals rather than processes and systems, dissertation topics can be focused on the reward system of HR departments of certain companies. Another way is to analyze the human resources aspect of the business from a psychological point of view, noting the impact of the department’s policies on the performance of the employees.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance are the most complicated part and the most essential one of business administration. In this field, professionals make use of statistics, evaluation tools, check and balances, and precise measurements so that the business’ finances are kept in place and correctly accounted. A flaw in this sector of business would cause it to go haywire since the allocation, use, and recording of all financial resources would be affected. DBA dissertation topics that deal with accounting and finance tend to focus on the accounting or finance department of a certain business, then analyzing their system and how they can improve it. Other topics loved by a lot of students include public finance, which is the study of the government’s financial system, debt financing and regulation mechanisms.

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