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Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Criminal Law is possibly one of the most interesting aspects of the justice system. It is certainly one of the most visible and offers excellent choices for criminal law dissertation topics. For those who are currently creating a paper in this subject, the following are a few ideas on how to approach the subject.

  • Discuss the idea of plagiarism and the clear boundaries of legality. Try focusing on the internet and different rules and regulations that qualify or disqualify certain written works as plagiarized or not.
  • Follow specific complaints in the justice system and follow the investigation, assessment and distribution of evidence.
  • Discuss the factors affecting trials of minors as adults. Determine what aspects can deeply affect the decision and the significance of this in the justice system.
  • Tackle the idea of consent of law in rape and how far the boundaries go. Perform a critical analysis of the law and possible reforms.
  • Get back to basics. Discuss the function of morality in criminal law and the basic concept of crime. Consider the need for criminal theory and how it affects the justice system. If possible, try tracking major amendments in criminal law and how it compares to the original situation.
  • Analyze criminal law in a digital setting. Cite high profile cases involving crimes through the internet and discuss the concept of punishment in electronic violations.
  • Choose a newly passed law and perform a critical analysis of its conception. Explain the major impact of such law and the process and amendments prior to it being passed.
  • Discuss pending amendments to different laws such as the concept of provocation. Why or why not it should be passed?

Of course, those aren’t the only possibilities for criminal law dissertation topics. Aspiring students are free to get as creative as possible with the topic. They may even choose to browse through different high-profile cases and write about the intricacies surrounding legality.

Criminal Law Dissertation Tips

When writing a criminal law dissertation, it is always a good idea to have multiple references, preferably a real case. This allows the individual to get their point across more effectively. Do not forget that a pattern must first be created to ensure that the dissertation covers all the important aspects. Spend several days or even weeks thinking about the perfect topic for the thesis. Keep in mind that the more unique in the theory, the better are your chances of being accepted in the college of your choice.

Internet is a great place for inspiration for students who are having a hard time creating criminal law dissertation topics. is glad to offer you ideas on what is the best subject for your paper.

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