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Communication Dissertation Topics

Finding a topic for a communication dissertation can be quite a tough task if you’re not proficient in writing. This is because you must come up with a great topic to make a research. Moreover, you must create a well-researched thesis. Fortunately, communication dissertation topics are more interesting than you may think.

1. Movies. Film production is one of the most integral parts of media. Other than telling a story and being entertained with it, sometimes they hold a bigger significance in terms of either its deeper message and/or its effect to its viewers. Making a research about how a specific movie (or a group of movies) tells its story is a very popular thesis topic for both undergraduates and those pursuing PhDs. Examples of communication dissertation topics in this field include:

  1. The portrayal of women in 1950s films.
  2. Connection between the Schindler’s List and Nazi Germany.
  3. The effect of the Twilight series on the teenagers.

2. Ethnic differences. Ethnic differences exist in all levels of society. They can often be portrayed, explicitly or implicitly, in different media. This is quite a rich field to make your research. Some of the potential communication dissertation topics in this field include:

  1. The depiction of Asian-Americans in old Hollywood TV series.
  2. How people of African descent are shown in different fashion advertisements.
  3. Use of the language that affects the target audience.

3. Time period analysis. This can be quite a deep, sweeping subject when it comes to thesis proposals. In general, think of these types of analyses this way: they are focused on a specific time period. In these researches, particular media forms special era are analyzed for the presence (or absence) of a specific trend or phenomenon. Here are some examples of communication dissertation topics related to this field:

  1. How hippies are portrayed during their heyday in the 1970s.
  2. How emo/punk fashion coincides with the recent trend of romanticizing vampires in media.
  3. How movies either condone or protest the Vietnam War.

4. Communication tools. These include mobile phones and the existence of online tools such as Twitter and other media. Because of the relatively young age of this field, this field contains some of the most intriguing communication dissertation topics. Examples include:

  1. The effect of text messaging on grammar aptitude.
  2. Twitter and posting responsibilities.
  3. How mobile phones expanded the possibilities for people looking for a relationship.

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