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Architectural Dissertation Topics

Some Architectural Dissertation Topics to Choose From

If you can’t decide which architectural dissertation topics to consider, here are some topics that you might want to look at. Sometimes the problem of coming up with a topic for your dissertation is coming up with relevant topics that people and society can benefit from. We don’t do researches and studies that have no societal function and are not important. We study for the benefit of our country and to help it develop. This is why a good topic is important to think about before proceeding with the methods. Here are some sections that can be relevant and can help us build a better society:

  1. Environmental Impact on the Architecture
  2. Building New Concert Halls
  3. Architecture and Modern Technology
  4. Architecture across Cultures

Environmental Impact on the Architecture

We are all aware of the growing concern with the environment nowadays. These days we are constantly experiencing erratic weather conditions and unpredictable climatic effects. People are not the only ones who gets effected, such weather changes architecture as well. Looking deeper into the topic, you can propose solutions and even potentially invent new technologies on how developers can diminish the effects of the environment on the architectural project. This is a good architectural dissertation topic to discuss as it is very relevant and people, especially developers, will take great interest in this topic.

Building New Concert Halls

Music will always play a huge role in human’s lives. We all love to hear different genres and kinds of music that may soothe our senses. But today, concert halls are already very limited and if often happens that old concert halls are hardly given any attention at all. These are great architectural dissertation topics to consider enlivening human’s thirst for listening to great music. People who love to play and hear classical music will benefit from this project more, as concert halls for playing such music are mostly devastated. You can propose new ways on how to revive old concert houses and make the ambience better for such purpose.

Architecture and Modern Technology

Technology is one of the most rapidly developing industries in the world. Constantly, people are researching and developing new technologies to make our lives better. Architecture can benefit from such developments as well. You can relate the two and state what technologies you are proposing to develop to make architecture better, more convenient, and more durable for people. You can also discuss a particular development in technology that has influenced the architecture greatly during the last decades.

Architecture across Cultures

It is always very refreshing to see different architecture styles in different places. It is also a good topic to discuss and describe how culture affects architecture. You can compare and contrast architecture in Asia with Western architecture and expound on how culture played a crucial role in such kind of architecture.
These are just a few architectural dissertation topics that you can discuss. Make sure that you relate them to societal problems that exist today and how your study can help to create a better society for people.

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