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Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Writing a dissertation proposal means crafting something out of nothing. This is why many students find it difficult and very time consuming. However, there are a number of things that can be done when writing a proposal, which would eventually lead to the best dissertation possible. There are lots of available tips, and they are useful when facing the difficulty of writing a dissertation proposal.

Tip #1: Understand the issue
When writing a dissertation proposal, the most basic thing to do is to know what one is talking about. Understand the issue, identify the key premises, and know what others have been saying about the issues concerned. This means reading several articles and studies that have been done in previous years. This should specify the relevant literature that would eventually lead to the formulation of a specific theory. By then, certain angles would reflect the theme, which allows one to inspect the premises concerning the issue. It is then possible to judge the problem and the issues at stake.

Tip #2: Understand the process
Writing a dissertation proposal is an iterative process, and it looks like a continuous cycle that will identify and examine the questions over and over again. As more and more problems are identified, more and more questions come out of the corners. This leads to more research and studies until a reasonable ground is reached in the end. The main purpose in writing a dissertation proposal would be to create a linear argument out of the given data. After this the cycle goes on while more and more data falls into place. This means working for several months and coming up with about 20 drafts all in all.

Tip #3: Understand your capacity
Writing a dissertation proposal means writing continuously while going over the process. However, many students find themselves “paper-locked” in most instances, usually because they have nothing more to say or think of. Thus, it would be helpful to start with the things that can be done right away, things that are easier based on the student’s capacity. This means writing the introduction first, then problem statement and the methods. Literature reviews would come next. Meanwhile, the conceptual framework and the theory would come at a later date when other pieces have been put in place. This would allow a more continuous flow when writing a dissertation proposal.

Proposals Are Blueprints
Meanwhile, it is best to understand that dissertation proposals are blueprints of the basic processes. They are outlines of the processes involved when collecting, analyzing and formulating the ideas. Thus, the proposal can be changed while gathering the data, and as more and more data fits into place, proposals may develop and change. Writing a dissertation proposal is a cyclic process, as it analyzes and reflects the issues for the prospective dissertation.

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