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Psychology Dissertation Proposal

Like all the other dissertations, a psychology dissertation requires a lot of effort, time and resources from the researcher. This is why a strong and clear dissertation proposal should be created to ensure that your study will be approved.

Categories of psychology dissertation proposal topics:

  • Educational and Developmental Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology and Mental Health
  • Social Psychology
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Consumer and Industrial Psychology

Introduction. The psychology dissertation proposal, just like any other dissertation proposal, is structured in different parts or sections. Without these sections, it will be impossible to go on with your research. Introduction is the first part of the psychology dissertation proposal. This part is very important since you present the topic of your study. While writing the introduction, you should spend time on reading multiple materials to gain additional information that can be used for your study. Here you may present your psychology dissertation title. However, you should keep in mind that your introduction should be focused on the topic. It should include the variables in your title and make sure the ideas are clearly presented and organized so that readers can understand the flow of your study.

Problem statement. The reasons for conducting the study should be clearly expressed so that the readers could understand the importance of research. This should answer why there is a need to conduct the study and what benefit it can give to the readers and to the society. After this goes theoretical and conceptual framework. This is the organization of how concepts, theories and terms are used for the sake of the study. This would create the skeleton of the research and shape the focus of your study.

After formulating the framework, you can choose and decide the method for conducting the research. It may be an interview, questionnaire or any other method that can give you the needed data for your study. You should also know whether you would want it to be in qualitative or quantitative form depending on your study. The methodology would give you the scope and limitation; the processes involved in conducting your research should be able to convince the reader that the study is complete enough to answer the problems that were presented.

You should also include budget and time into your psychology dissertation proposal. Provide the plan on how much of your resources are allocated to the different stages of your dissertation to be able to finish your study. In the bibliography, you can list all the sources you used in creating your dissertation proposal.

Writing a psychological dissertation proposal does not have to be a traumatic experience for the students. Getting the overview, knowing what to include and what to do in a certain section, asking for tips and help, and knowing what your study will be all about, can help diminish anxieties in writing. It can give you confidence that you will be able to write a high-quality dissertation.

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