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Dissertation Proposal Presentation

What It Takes to Create the Perfect Dissertation Proposal Presentation

They say that making a proposal is half the battle in creating a dissertation. Well, that is true, because creating that proposal, especially in the graduate school level, is not as easy as it sounds. But, of course, making (and presenting) your proposal should not be a frustrating experience. This article is a compilation of tips designed to help you make that perfect dissertation proposal presentation.

First of all, what is the importance of presenting your proposal? It all boils down to the reason why you make dissertations, theses, and researches. You make them to be able to create a tangible contribution to a certain field of research, as well as share it to the rest of the academe. Dissertation proposal presentation is important because this is where you show how your topic fits into the bigger scheme of things. Also, this is where you’ll state how you’re going to accomplish your goals related to the dissertation (when approved).

The first thing that you must do is tell the committee how you came up with the mentioned proposal. You can talk about the research you made about the topic and why is it relevant to your field. You can also go on and tell the committee the different points of view and potential conflicts regarding the subject matter.

The second thing that you must assert during the dissertation proposal presentation is your position regarding the dissertation. It can either be your trying to test/reaffirm a certain theory or prove that there’s a possibility that this same theory is non-applicable to certain situations. You can also state why you have come up with such a position by relating it to previous studies. Your final results don’t have to perfectly align with your proposal, but that’s where your methods will ultimately be based.

The third thing you must address during the presentation is how you’re going to do the experimental phase of your dissertation. It can be in the form of a research, a survey, an experiment, or an analysis, depending on your field of study. You’ve got to detail the entire process you’ll use, including the steps and materials you’ll be utilizing. Stating the bibliographical sources where you got your methods would also be a great idea to further solidify your stand.

Those, in a nutshell, are the 3 things you must accomplish to pull off a successful dissertation proposal presentation. It’s all about stating what your dissertation is about, the things your study aims to accomplish, and the methods you’ll use to accomplish them. When you keep those in mind, you’ll realize that creating a presentation, while it takes careful preparation, is not really all that hard.

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