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Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Networking Dissertation Topics

Ever since its emergence in the society, the world of networking has brought so much effect and influence on people and their everyday lives. For you, communication is widely affected by networking through its various forms. And that is why it is no wonder that there are various networking dissertation topics that are commonly used by researchers and students alike for the completion of their degrees. And so, for those who need help or those who are planning to write their research papers soon, here are some recommended networking dissertation topics that can be considered: Networking: Evolution and essentials. Networking and its active and passive [...]

Advertising Dissertation Topics

One of the nice things about advertising is that it has a wide range of fields that concerns so many people. From marketing to multimedia and audience cognition, advertising has it all covered. Thus, it is no wonder why there are so many advertising dissertation topics that you can easily choose and work on. But for those who do not have much time to think about their dissertation, here are some suggested advertising dissertation topics that would cater to your writing needs: The 3R in Advertising: Recall, recognition and retention. Children and Brand Awareness. The Rise and Fall of Print Advertisements. The Importance of Advertising [...]

Property Dissertation Topics

Completing a degree can never be done without writing a dissertation – and doing it is not at all an easy task. Aside from the trouble of formulating a hypothesis or drawing up a discussion that strictly has to be academic, there is that initial problem of getting a topic and working on it. Is the topic intelligible? Is it worth deliberating upon? Will it be interesting? These are just some of the questions that one considers when choosing the right dissertation topic. For those who are fascinated in the world of real estate and would want to focus their paper on such topic, here [...]

Public Administration Dissertation Topics

When choosing among public administration dissertation topics, it’s a good idea for students to take their time. With a good topic, students will have a better chance of getting the job of their choice. For those who are currently wondering what to write about in their dissertation, following are some tips that might prove useful. Try going back to high school or elementary school and start analyzing the public administration system. Try comparing how the system worked before and what changes have been implemented since then. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this change and is there anything that should be done? Focus on [...]

Statistics Dissertation Topics

One of the dilemmas of students who are not really into numbers and computation is the mandatory task of writing a paper. Or more specifically, writing a dissertation in a mathematical field such as statistics. So here are some easy statistics dissertation topics: Voting turn-out and voting patterns in a state or city. An in-depth study of financial data. Statistical study of genetics. The use of statistics in psychology (rates and data in gender and behavior patterns). Debt and inflation rate, as related to a country’s economy. Election polls and their effect on election results. The significance of conducting census, then and today. Racial identity [...]

Literature Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation as a literature major can be tough if one is strictly accustomed to flowery words or to poetic forms. But aside from the distinct differences in technicalities, writing a literature dissertation is not at all a tough challenge as there are so many subject matters in the field that would be fascinating to both the author and the audience. So to start the dissertation writing process, here are some suggested literature dissertation topics that you can easily work on: The Bible as the world’s most printed book and its contenders. How e-books affect the literature industry. Fairy tales and their hidden meanings [...]

Logistics Dissertation Topics

With various logistics dissertation topics available today, it should be easy for aspiring business students to create an outstanding paper. Logistics is a common element in the business world typically associated with management. It is defined as the flow of services or goods between the supplier and the consumer. Logistics is concerned with meeting the requirements of the client through proper implementation of inventory, material handling, packaging and warehousing of products or services. For students who are currently considering different logistics dissertation topics, following are some ideas on how to approach the paper. Focus on e-commerce and how it has changed the traditional movement of [...]

Journalism Dissertation Topics

Journalism is all about collecting information and distributing it to different media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the internet. This is why a journalism dissertation is typically more stringent than other degrees considering how the course itself focuses on proper writing. Individuals who are going for a journalism degree should make sure that their dissertation focuses on strong and concise wording. Prior to worrying about the writing itself, however, individuals are advised to determine the best journalism dissertation topics. With a good subject, students will get a better chance of creating a viable argument that will get them accepted in the college of [...]

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Criminal Law is possibly one of the most interesting aspects of the justice system. It is certainly one of the most visible and offers excellent choices for criminal law dissertation topics. For those who are currently creating a paper in this subject, the following are a few ideas on how to approach the subject. Discuss the idea of plagiarism and the clear boundaries of legality. Try focusing on the internet and different rules and regulations that qualify or disqualify certain written works as plagiarized or not. Follow specific complaints in the justice system and follow the investigation, assessment and distribution of evidence. Discuss the factors [...]

Mathematics Dissertation Topics

Math is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects today. When it comes to Mathematics dissertation topics, however, this is hardly the case. Considering that math is an all-encompassing subject found in practically every aspect of life, students are free to get as creative as they want. For those who are currently considering Mathematics dissertation topics, following are some ideas to ponder on. Focus on applied mathematics, possibly one of the most impressive topics for dissertation available today. Students can focus on the math of daily life occurrences such as the rate of wound healing, the spread of fire from the point of [...]

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