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Networking Dissertation Topics

Ever since its emergence in the society, the world of networking has brought so much effect and influence on people and their everyday lives. For you, communication is widely affected by networking through its various forms. And that is why it is no wonder that there are various networking dissertation topics that are commonly used by researchers and students alike for the completion of their degrees. And so, for those who need help or those who are planning to write their research papers soon, here are some recommended networking dissertation topics that can be considered:

  1. Networking: Evolution and essentials.
  2. Networking and its active and passive role in marketing.
  3. Socialization through social media.
  4. Security issues in new-generation networking.
  5. Wireless connection: The relationships that internet built.
  6. Networking: Its systems and categories.
  7. A comprehensive study of communication today in connection with networking.
  8. The major online networking competitions.
  9. Bluetooth and WiFi, the necessary networking tools.
  10. The implications of networking to you’s right to privacy.
  11. Legal issues involving networking.
  12. Networking and its effects on child behavior and development.
  13. Networking and the future of communication.
  14. The role of networking in the economy of a state or country.
  15. Networking as an effective marketing tool.

Just by choosing among the networking dissertation topics mentioned above, you can simply start the process of writing a research paper. However, before settling on a topic, it is greatly advised that the writer be at least knowledgeable in the topic he has chosen. It is not enough that the topic entices him; he should initially know a thing or two about it also to avoid an immature hypothesis or a confusing conclusion – big no-no’s in the research industry. It can be noticed that the topics in the list are relatively easy as the goal is to make the writing process easy.

Also, if you are looking for a combination of two fields in a research paper, you may choose one of the networking dissertation topics listed above. They integrate the laws and the world of networking, you will be able to make a comprehensive study of the part that networking plays in the world of marketing.

One of the nice things about the world of networking is that it is relatively new and therefore the resources are not so difficult to find and use. There are sources about the topic almost everywhere, especially on the internet. With so much resources and a well-thought of topic, let the dissertation writing start and be accomplished!

Advertising Dissertation Topics

One of the nice things about advertising is that it has a wide range of fields that concerns so many people. From marketing to multimedia and audience cognition, advertising has it all covered. Thus, it is no wonder why there are so many advertising dissertation topics that you can easily choose and work on. But for those who do not have much time to think about their dissertation, here are some suggested advertising dissertation topics that would cater to your writing needs:

  1. The 3R in Advertising: Recall, recognition and retention.
  2. Children and Brand Awareness.
  3. The Rise and Fall of Print Advertisements.
  4. The Importance of Advertising for the Economy.
  5. Recall and Recap: The Then and Now of Advertising.
  6. Multi-Media: The Integration of Advertising.
  7. The Power of Social Media in Advertising.
  8. Why Cross Media is a Good Promotion Tool.
  9. Children as the Controversial Audience.
  10. Pop-Ups and Spam: Internet and Advertising.
  11. The Role of Advertising in a Teen’s Self-Esteem.
  12. Window Shopping and Why We Want More.
  13. The Man as the Passive Consumer.
  14. Quality vs. Quantity: The Advertising Basics.
  15. The necessary truth about commercials.

Feel free to choose a topic from the list and feel free to work on them, as this list of advertising dissertation topics is not exclusive – you can easily mix and match the suggested ideas. If you are interested in the history of advertising but would rather focus on print ads, you can easily make a focal and comprehensive study of the history of print advertisement and its effects.

Upon choosing from the list of advertising dissertation topics, you should then consider these useful tips for writing the paper:

  • First, when writing an advertising dissertation, it is very helpful to conduct a study that you have access to.
  • While writing a dissertation, remember that it should not be pure opinions or plain hypothesis. A dissertation is an academic paper and it should be solidly based on an educational foundation, otherwise it would just be treated as an essay.

When writing a dissertation, specifically on the topic of advertising, be sure to keep the facts, data and conclusions up-to-date, as this field is one of the most recurrent and fast-developing industries in the world. To put in an outdated idea, aside from the study of history, would render the dissertation insignificant, if not worthless. So to avoid the hassle of rewriting, make sure that these tips are considered and followed. After all, writing a dissertation is never really an easy task.

Property Dissertation Topics

Completing a degree can never be done without writing a dissertation – and doing it is not at all an easy task. Aside from the trouble of formulating a hypothesis or drawing up a discussion that strictly has to be academic, there is that initial problem of getting a topic and working on it. Is the topic intelligible? Is it worth deliberating upon? Will it be interesting? These are just some of the questions that one considers when choosing the right dissertation topic.

For those who are fascinated in the world of real estate and would want to focus their paper on such topic, here are some property dissertation topics that you may use. These topics range from the history of real estate to the legal issues that one should take note of in the world of properties. After choosing among these property dissertation topics, you will surely be on the way to complete that part of degree!

  1. The history and progress of real estate business.
  2. Common factors that affect buying behavior.
  3. The social and economic differences between commercial and residential properties.
  4. The geographic location as an indicator of property development.
  5. The current tenant-landlord situation.
  6. Affordable housing and its economic and social importance.
  7. Laws on property and its practicality.
  8. Suburban vs. urban living: the thick line of distinction.
  9. Establishments and institutions as factors in property purchases.
  10. Higher property value with better neighbors.
  11. Comparison of property owners: Married vs. Unmarried Couples.
  12. The necessary and sought-of insurance policies in properties.
  13. Property buying and mortgage and loans.
  14. Build or buy: the practical difference in properties.
  15. Public housing and urban policies.

These property dissertation topics are both general and specific so you can always play around the topics. If not burdensome for the author, it will also be a good idea to correlate the subject of property with other fields to have a more stimulating dissertation. For instance, the topic of public housing and urban policies does not just work around the field of property but it also deals with social laws. However, if one decides to have a related or a sub-topic, they may feel free to do so but you must avoid drifting away from the issue itself – for after all, every research topic should be focused, distinct and clear.

When it comes to property dissertation topics, as well as in other research topics, one should always consider the feasibility of the paper. Is the topic researchable? Will the author of the paper have enough resources to support the dissertation? And most essentially, it is not enough that the topic is interesting itself, it must also be interesting for the writer! It is very vital that the topic should have something close to the writer’s heart to decrease the burden of writing a dissertation.

Public Administration Dissertation Topics

When choosing among public administration dissertation topics, it’s a good idea for students to take their time. With a good topic, students will have a better chance of getting the job of their choice. For those who are currently wondering what to write about in their dissertation, following are some tips that might prove useful.

  • Try going back to high school or elementary school and start analyzing the public administration system. Try comparing how the system worked before and what changes have been implemented since then. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this change and is there anything that should be done?
  • Focus on government management systems and analyze the pitfalls and advantages of their techniques. Inserting a bit of controversy into the paper such as accountability within the government and the impact of rumors can also be adapted for the paper.
  • Talk about the different issues in public administration both past and present. Consider the viewpoints of well-known authorities today and compare their ideas. Note pitfalls of said theories and advantages over the others.
  • Go global and focus on the employment issues on an international level. Focus on the idea of non-US Citizens going to the country for jobs and its various pitfalls and advantages for the employment system in general. Consider how it affects the different industries and if it should be maintained.
  • Take the internet into account when it comes to public administration. Explore the impact of social media on different management styles today and what are the pros and cons of each style. Provide a comparison chart on the differences between the traditional and the digital management eras.
  • Considering how varied the topic of public administration is, individuals should be exposed to dozens of possible choices for their paper. Don’t be afraid to do something new or choosing something you’re not familiar with. Keep in mind that public administration topics can encompass the country or even the world.

    Public Administration Dissertation Writing Tips

    After choosing a topic for the dissertation, the next step is to create an outline for the paper. Don’t forget to provide clear examples along the way as well as a strongly worded problem. As much as possible, utilize simple terms to make simple reading while at the same time providing in-depth information about the problem. Note that Public Administration dissertation is something that should be read again and again to facilitate critical thinking. is happy to offer you help when it comes to public administration dissertation writing. If you want to get some idea on what topic to write on, try browsing through our website or even place an order to get a dissertation that will definitely improve your study and future career.

Statistics Dissertation Topics

One of the dilemmas of students who are not really into numbers and computation is the mandatory task of writing a paper. Or more specifically, writing a dissertation in a mathematical field such as statistics. So here are some easy statistics dissertation topics:

  1. Voting turn-out and voting patterns in a state or city.
  2. An in-depth study of financial data.
  3. Statistical study of genetics.
  4. The use of statistics in psychology (rates and data in gender and behavior patterns).
  5. Debt and inflation rate, as related to a country’s economy.
  6. Election polls and their effect on election results.
  7. The significance of conducting census, then and today.
  8. Racial identity statistics in one geographical location.
  9. The competition in TV ratings and its statistics.
  10. Employment rate and social standing.
  11. Comprehensive study on crime rate and economy.
  12. The ratio of epidemics and social awareness.
  13. Probabilities of cancer cure today.
  14. The poverty rate in the first world countries.
  15. Comparison of development or progress rate in the third world countries.

One of the important things to consider when selecting from the list of statistics dissertation topics is the feasibility of the topic for the author of the paper. Not all statistical subjects are within the reach of the author, so it is best to first make sure if writing a well-discussed paper is possible with the resources you have. Also, you should not just limit yourself with these suggestions, as these statistics dissertation topics can be more specified, depending on the focal interest of the author. For example, the topic on poverty rate in the first world countries can be narrowed by limiting the study to one country like United States. And lastly, when choosing a research topic, it is best to consider the significance of the study itself. There are instances when a topic is so enticing, but the focal point of the study is already outdated or unnecessary. In writing an academic paper, considering its importance plays a major role in its success.

The statistics dissertation, although difficult to accomplish, is a fulfilling achievement. Writing a statistical dissertation is always a great contribution in different fields of study. These suggested statistics dissertation topics are wide-ranged, so it will not be difficult to use them as possible topics in different fields too, for ex. the topic of racial identity statistics can also be used in a sociological research paper.

All in all, the two important factors in writing a statistics dissertation are the next: the topic should be well-thought; the data must be accurate and adequate to accomplish the purpose of the dissertation.

Literature Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation as a literature major can be tough if one is strictly accustomed to flowery words or to poetic forms. But aside from the distinct differences in technicalities, writing a literature dissertation is not at all a tough challenge as there are so many subject matters in the field that would be fascinating to both the author and the audience. So to start the dissertation writing process, here are some suggested literature dissertation topics that you can easily work on:

  1. The Bible as the world’s most printed book and its contenders.
  2. How e-books affect the literature industry.
  3. Fairy tales and their hidden meanings and effects.
  4. Geographical differences in literature.
  5. Literature as a story-telling of history.
  6. Fiction vs. non-fiction literature.
  7. Sexism: Gender representation in literature.
  8. Literature as affected by both politics and economics.
  9. Then and now, a literary recap.
  10. Utopia, both as part of literature and good governance.
  11. A study on literature and its author.
  12. The trend of travel writing.
  13. Religion as a literature topic: discriminatory or spiritual.
  14. Literature as a culture expression.
  15. Autobiography as a form of literature.

Although these literature dissertation topics are in some way general, they can always be specified if one would want the paper to have a central focus. For instance, the topic on children’s books can be easily illustrated and specified by working on a distinctive children’s book such as that of Hans Christian Andersen. From there, you can easily emphasize on the patterns of the stories or conduct a comparative study of such stories from a single author. Also, these literature dissertation topics provide common literature trends. The idea on adding these types of topics is to update the audience on the different forms of literature nowadays, making the paper both educational and informational. Also, the phenomenon of e-books is suggested as a topic for dissertation as it establishes the adaptation of literature to modern times.

There are still many literature dissertation topics that one can definitely add to this list, but the more important part in choosing a topic for a research paper is actually selecting one that is of personal interest to the author. Some research authors commit the mistake of selecting an interesting topic but end up not delivering a paper of quality – then they have to rewrite. It is better to choose a simple topic that is based on good research and solid foundation than submit a mediocre research. And finally, writing a literature dissertation is preferred because, unlike other research papers, it does not require data collection or test sampling or other tedious experimentation just to achieve the conclusion. Instead, a literature dissertation only needs patience to finish a book or sets of books, comprehensive research to support the hypothesis and of course, the heart to actually finish the paper – with these things, your literature dissertation is just a book or two away!

Logistics Dissertation Topics

With various logistics dissertation topics available today, it should be easy for aspiring business students to create an outstanding paper. Logistics is a common element in the business world typically associated with management. It is defined as the flow of services or goods between the supplier and the consumer. Logistics is concerned with meeting the requirements of the client through proper implementation of inventory, material handling, packaging and warehousing of products or services.

For students who are currently considering different logistics dissertation topics, following are some ideas on how to approach the paper.

  1. Focus on e-commerce and how it has changed the traditional movement of products and services from supplier to the client. Spot the advantages and pitfalls of the recent shift from traditional business and attempt to arrive at possible corrective procedures.
  2. Perform a case study on the supply management chain of a specific company, preferably one that is well-known such as Microsoft, Amazon or Apple.
  3. Try focusing on the uniqueness of specific company’s supply chains and how it serves them. Discuss the possibility of using the same in other companies and how it will affect that specific venture.
  4. Track logistics changes in one company and how those changes have developed in response to the changing demands. Consider the different advantages and pitfalls that occurred after the transition from one supply chain to another.
  5. Focus on electronic companies and discuss their security measures to maintain integrity when providing products or services to clients. Underline how this largely differs from the traditional supply chain.

Of course, those are just some of the logistics dissertation topics suggestions. Students are free to be as creative as they desire.

Tips for Choosing a Topic

When choosing through different logistics dissertation topics, students are advised to go for something unique that presents various opportunities for expansion. Keep in mind that when explaining logistics, the wordings must be clear, concise and to the point. Create a paper that’s easy to understand and offers an easy-to-follow map for the reader.

When it comes to logistics, it is always a good idea to focus on a specific niche or industry. Broad topics usually ruin a paper and make it hard for the writer to drive their point across. A good approach would be focusing on one company’s logistics and connecting its relevance to the industry at large. Make sure to follow the typical outline for dissertations and keep the wordings simple yet straight to the point. The use of real life examples is crucial as well as citing different literary works as a support for theories.

If you want to get something unique for your college or simply need creative writing ideas, you can obtain this valuable information by browsing through our website.

Journalism Dissertation Topics

Journalism is all about collecting information and distributing it to different media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the internet. This is why a journalism dissertation is typically more stringent than other degrees considering how the course itself focuses on proper writing. Individuals who are going for a journalism degree should make sure that their dissertation focuses on strong and concise wording.

Prior to worrying about the writing itself, however, individuals are advised to determine the best journalism dissertation topics. With a good subject, students will get a better chance of creating a viable argument that will get them accepted in the college of their choice. Following are some journalism dissertation topics that should help students to make a decision.

  1. Journalism and the Internet. Try exploring the impact of the internet on journalism, focusing on the more personal publications available today. For example, some journalists are utilizing social media such as Twitter and Facebook to increase their readership. Blogs and personal websites have also become mainstream – how does this affect the journalism industry today?
  2. Focus on investigative journalism and the moral lines that separate reporting and violation of personal privacy. Investigative journalism is actually very confrontational, which means individuals will need to exercise tact in order to get relevant information. More importantly, is investigative journalism helping or making things worse?
  3. Consider the role of social media in journalism today. With practically every person capable of recording, posting and sharing news-worthy information, how is this changing the journalism industry as we know it? Is the rampant availability making things better or worse?
  4. Focus on celebrity journalism and how it has become relevant in today’s society. More importantly, discuss various limitations that the paparazzi should be aware of when it comes to celebrities. When are they crossing the line?
  5. Shaming and Naming – are journalists overstepping the line when reporting potential scandals? Apply this to current events pertaining to political and celebrity figures.
  6. How has journalism changed over the years, especially with the advent of the internet? Try to cover different aspects of journalism such as sports, investigative or celebrity. Compare and analyze the approaches on each one and whether things have changed for the good or not.

Of course, those aren’t the only possible journalism dissertation topics that students can focus on. Try brainstorming over the topic and more unique ideas should pop up.

Journalism Dissertation Tips

After choosing among the journalism dissertation topics, students should start building their outline for the paper. One of the most important things to remember when writing is that it should start with a basic theory that is carefully extended and explained throughout the paper. Theoretical and factual information should also be provided as a concrete example of the theory. Remember that a dissertation should have a conclusion with supporting information, allowing the reader to be convinced with the argument.

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Criminal Law is possibly one of the most interesting aspects of the justice system. It is certainly one of the most visible and offers excellent choices for criminal law dissertation topics. For those who are currently creating a paper in this subject, the following are a few ideas on how to approach the subject.

  • Discuss the idea of plagiarism and the clear boundaries of legality. Try focusing on the internet and different rules and regulations that qualify or disqualify certain written works as plagiarized or not.
  • Follow specific complaints in the justice system and follow the investigation, assessment and distribution of evidence.
  • Discuss the factors affecting trials of minors as adults. Determine what aspects can deeply affect the decision and the significance of this in the justice system.
  • Tackle the idea of consent of law in rape and how far the boundaries go. Perform a critical analysis of the law and possible reforms.
  • Get back to basics. Discuss the function of morality in criminal law and the basic concept of crime. Consider the need for criminal theory and how it affects the justice system. If possible, try tracking major amendments in criminal law and how it compares to the original situation.
  • Analyze criminal law in a digital setting. Cite high profile cases involving crimes through the internet and discuss the concept of punishment in electronic violations.
  • Choose a newly passed law and perform a critical analysis of its conception. Explain the major impact of such law and the process and amendments prior to it being passed.
  • Discuss pending amendments to different laws such as the concept of provocation. Why or why not it should be passed?

Of course, those aren’t the only possibilities for criminal law dissertation topics. Aspiring students are free to get as creative as possible with the topic. They may even choose to browse through different high-profile cases and write about the intricacies surrounding legality.

Criminal Law Dissertation Tips

When writing a criminal law dissertation, it is always a good idea to have multiple references, preferably a real case. This allows the individual to get their point across more effectively. Do not forget that a pattern must first be created to ensure that the dissertation covers all the important aspects. Spend several days or even weeks thinking about the perfect topic for the thesis. Keep in mind that the more unique in the theory, the better are your chances of being accepted in the college of your choice.

Internet is a great place for inspiration for students who are having a hard time creating criminal law dissertation topics. is glad to offer you ideas on what is the best subject for your paper.

Mathematics Dissertation Topics

Math is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects today. When it comes to Mathematics dissertation topics, however, this is hardly the case. Considering that math is an all-encompassing subject found in practically every aspect of life, students are free to get as creative as they want.

For those who are currently considering Mathematics dissertation topics, following are some ideas to ponder on.

  • Focus on applied mathematics, possibly one of the most impressive topics for dissertation available today. Students can focus on the math of daily life occurrences such as the rate of wound healing, the spread of fire from the point of origin and the rate of decomposition. Students can focus on specific topics that interest them and expand on that theory. At the end, make sure to highlight the relevance of the dissertation and how it would help society as a whole.
  • Consider the impact of math in today’s digital society. A good focus would most likely be the mathematical formula and factors used by search engines such as Google and Yahoo to determine website ranking. This will be a very timely mathematical dissertation topic, allowing individuals to determine just how specific movements of website owners can bring them to the top. This is actually an excellent niche to cover, math-wise considering how most commerce today is relying on the internet. Through math, individuals can have a better and concrete view on social media and how widely it encompasses marketing efforts.
  • Explore the mathematics of photo editing and how it works. Consider the complexities of blurring or clearing images and how they can be manipulated for better pictures. It’s also possible to check out the audio-aspect of the internet mathematics. Take into account the de-noising programs and how they work.

Of course, those aren’t the only possible Mathematics dissertation topics that aspiring students can take up. Consider the niches of systems dynamics, linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry and more. Each of these mathematical aspects has real life applications that can be explored further. As much as possible, go for mathematical dissertations that carry real-life use.

Mathematics Dissertation Writing Tips

Although it may seem complicated at first, a mathematics dissertation actually follows the same outline as other papers. Obviously, the need for back up information and mathematical equations is necessary to prove specific theories.

Keep in mind that mathematics dissertation requires months of careful planning. After settling on a specific topic, individuals will need to devote lot of their time to creating the ideal paper for higher education admission. The good news is that the internet today makes it possible for students to forego the headache of finding dissertation topics for mathematics. Simply place an order at our website and enjoy services providing students with a starting point for their dissertation.

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